Wednesday, August 4

Peer to peer car rental and its disadvantages

There are alternatives that you can use when you are away from home when it comes to cars. At
Lamborghini rental dubai, they will give you all that they have and it will be up to you to go for the option that you think will work for you.

Check out the peer to peer car rental options and the cons that it carries with it:
• It is an option that is expensive as compared to car rentals. Compared to what you will be charged for a peer to peer rental, it might not be the best option as it might amount to the same as going direct to renting a car on your own.
• It is a method which is not safe: Due to the fact that you will not know the condition of the vehicle as the cars used in this category are very old, this is a risky business. In case there is something which is damaged, you might end up being told to pay for it.
• No pickup and drop up services: At the airport, you will not receive the pick and drop services
• Unclear insurance coverage: The insurance coverage of the vehicle is not very clear, and in most instances, they don’t tell you what is covered and what is not covered.
• Per hour renting: You might be told that the vehicle is rented on a per hour basis
• Not a travelers option: If you are new in the city, this is not an option to consider. But as a resident, you can take it as a replacement car while yours is being done some maintenance.
With all the above disadvantages, the best option should be renting a car to ensure that you are sure of what you are getting yourself into. They have well laid terms and conditions which you will read and understand.